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john boehner spill on the debt limit. washington's scramble to avoid default is our big story tonight. senators killed the measure to raise the debt limit just two hours after it barely survived a vote in the gop-led house. we have live team coverage for you tonight from steve handelsman on capitol hill. >> senate democrats killed the banner bill less than two hours after it left the house. >> this is almost an album body experience. >> all eyes on top senate republican mitch mcconnell. democrats say ollie he can fast- track debate and make a deal. >> we all know the senate is the only way out of this mess. house speaker jon baker complained he had a bipartisan deal with president obama that included tax hikes. >> i stuck my neck out a mile and put revenues on the table. in order to try to come to an
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agreement to avert us being where we are, but a lot of people in this town can never say yes. >> he veered to the right, including a balanced budget constitutional amendment to get the votes tonight tea party members like louie gohmert. most in the senate said no new amendment. >> this is the most outrageous suggestion i have heard. >> president obama insisted the weekend compromise is possible. >> this is not a situation where the two parties are miles apart. we are in agreement out how much spending can be cut responsibly. >> less than 100 hours left. mitch mcconnell signaled he is ready to make a deal, but only if he can negotiate directly with president obama. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland's ben cardin was
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among the no votes on the senate side of the hill tonight. >> we need to put the debt ceiling behind us through 2012. the debt ceiling is arbitrary. we have already heard these bills and we have to pay these bills. the second thing i want to see is a credible plan that can help lead us to dealing with our budget deficit. it needs to be comprehensive and fair. those are the two goals we have to accomplish. >> congressman and elijah cummings stopped by. >> they are worried. my seniors are worried about their social security check. i have students worry about student loans. i have homeowners worried about their mortgage payments going out. people are worried, and i agree with them. we ought to be able to get this
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done. >> as lawmakers cast votes and traded partisan barbs today, the markets trembled, bracing for the prospect of default next week and the economic chaos that would come with it. >> people across the country are very concerned as they watch this potential crisis played out. tonight i spoke with a global economist who says they should be. >> this is really what america looks like. >> as americans show their frustration over the lingering debt ceiling debate, local economists say people have very good reasons to be frustrated and worried. >> this guy would be falling to a certain extent if the u.s. government defaulted. it would fall in various ways.
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troops and defense contractors and others would suffer. >> what would happen if social security -- what would happen to social security is a common question. about 40% of social security recipients receive at least 9% of their total household income from social security -- 90% of their total household income. >> my guess is the government would continue to write those checks, but those paid by medicare or medicaid may see those checks delayed. defense and other federal contractors may see their payments delayed and there could be ripple effect throughout the economy. >> what about interest rates. right now, they are pretty low. some economists that they will continue to fall if there is no agreement. others say it will rise. >> something is going to fall. it could be the stock market,
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bond prices, interest rates could rise or fall, but none of it is good for the economy or wealth creation. >> for an in-depth look at the debt crisis and how it could affect you, we have full coverage on our website, kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as the nation's stairs down a possible of all, baltimore county is boasting about its perfect credit score. the aaa bond rating from all three major ratings agencies, a distinction only 1% of the nation's counties can claim. higher bond ratings mean better interest rates for local government projects. turning now to our other big story, how hot was it today? hot enough to break records in all three major airports in the baltimore-washington area.
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tom tasselmyer has been tracking the temperatures and sweating a little bit. >> it was a record setter today, 101 officially at bwi marshall. the inner harbor hit 104. charlotte down in north carolina hit 100 degrees. the fifth time this year the airport has topped the 100 degrees mark. last year we had the all-time record for the most 100-degree days in the year, seven. there is a front coming down out of pennsylvania and it could bring some heat relief and maybe knockout some of the humidity. we will check the forecast in a few minutes. >> city police trying to figure out how the body of a shooting victim ended up in the trunk of a parked car. it was discovered this morning in east baltimore. shelton dutes is live at police headquarters with the latest on this. >> as of 7:00 tonight, police were still interviewing
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witnesses. tonight the search continues for the person who shot and killed the victim. body of an older man was discovered in the trough of this black lexus around 11:00 a.m. did the body have any visible wounds to it? >> it appears as if the body was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. >> that is nothing new. they do not have any regard for other people's lives. it is just sad. >> the area around the scene was blocked off as detectives combed through evidence in and around the car. all they are saying is the victim appeared to be an older man. >> we are early in the investigation, but detectives are reviewing who owns the vehicle, businesses that may be around, and any potential witnesses that may have been in that area. >> police are hopeful someone
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will come forward with a tip. >> we jews have to come together and when things like this happen, speak up. i know a lot of people are scared, but sometimes you have to do that to have a safer community. >> we are still waiting for officials to release the victim's identity. give city police a call if you have any information that can help. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> of the second time in a week, baltimore county police are investigating the stabbing at boomer's bar in middle river. a woman was stabbed after a fight on the dance floor in the latest case. police say several people were arrested, but no charges have been fired. -- no charges have been filed. 23-year-old jack daniel powell was arrested and charged in the case. police are looking into whether the business can be shut down under the county's padlock law.
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a dangerous day for two construction workers at arundel mills mall. one man was killed and another injured when a concrete wall collapsed in the area where the slot parlor is being built. >> we have moved from a rescue operation to a recovery operation. >> the 27-year-old construction worker died after a heavy concrete wall fell on him. the same wall also struck a 25- year-old man from manassas, virginia. he suffered life-threatening injuries. the injured man was taken by ambulance to shock trauma in baltimore. >> there were working at the site at that time and the individual that was trapped under the wall was in a lift. he was working from a lift when the wall came down. >> firefighters responded to this parking lot at arundel mills mall just before 10:00 monday morning.
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precast concrete wall is estimated to be about 30 feet by 40 feet. the construction seen post significant -- significant challenges for rescue crews. >> we are talking about lots of heavy equipment, unstable ground surfaces, unstable pieces of buildings. >> the temperatures were also a serious concern. >> the heat is a significant factor out here with the rescuers. we operate under a work-breast cycles. today we could only get 15 minutes out of each crew. we work for 15 minutes and there is a mandatory rest for 45 minutes. >> the construction company sent out a statement saying their prayers are with the families of the construction workers. >> one man is recovering after a helicopter crash in harford county this afternoon. maryland police responded
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around 5:30. the pilot was transported to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. officials say after the aircraft landed, and started to shake violently on the ground. >> it appears to have extensive damage, but the pilots and owners say the pilot had already landed a helicopter and was going through a normal powering down procedure when something happened. >> no word on exactly what caused the crash. trooper said the faa is investigating. on the one-week invest -- anniversary of the terror attacks, norway honors the lives lost. what president obama is against the decision to make records from the watergate era public. and remarkable recovery. we will hear more from his baltimore police officer just one month after her 30-foot
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plunge. plus, casey anthony expected back in court, but this time is a legal fight over cash. >> the summer he continues across the mid atlantic. we will see what is in store for the weekend. maybe a little bit of a cool down, but it is still warm right
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>> americans may soon learn what richard nixon told about the watergate break-in. obama has openly opposed the release of records saying it would invade the privacy of others mentioned in the documents, but the judge sided with historians who argue the historical significance is greater than the danger to privacy. in norway, funerals and memorial have begun for the 77
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people killed in last week's shooting rampage. at a memorial service attended by 1000 people, norway's prime minister said the country must unite in response to the attack. meanwhile, survivors continues to tell their story. >> he said to me, i am a cop and i will get you guys to a place where it is safe. i just have to gather everyone so it will be easier for me to process 2. when he said that, i think someone heard him because someone ran off and he just picked up a gun and shot the person. >> suspect anders rebids -- anders breivik. investigators in the casey anthony case say they want some payback. the orange county sheriff's department says the search for little caylee anthony cost
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nearly $300,000, and they want to be reimbursed. police believe casey anthony should cover the costs because she knew caylee was dead at the start of the search. the presidential historian charged with stealing documents will stay in federal custody over the weekend. prosecutors say barry landau is a flight risk and might try to destroy evidence if released. the judge agreed to relieve the -- release his assistants and $250,000 bail. they are accused of stealing documents that included a ben franklin letter and paper signed by abraham lincoln. baltimore city police officer theresa rigby was knocked off the side of the jsf. after struggling on life support, she is out of the hospital now, and she delivered a big thank-you to a group of kids who took the time to say get well soon. >> it was a little over a month
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ago when officer theresa rigby fell some 30 feet of the jones falls expressway when she stopped to attend a disabled vehicle. it was a miracle she survived. >> she is currently on full life-support. she has a number of very serious injuries. she is in critical condition. >> and today, another miracle. with the help of a walker, officer rick be locked into the as ion baptist church. -- office rigby walked into the design on baptist church. >> the kids thought it would be nice to send her a huge get well card. >> we teach the children about empathy, so we came up with the idea to give birth and get well card -- to give her a get well card to encourage her true horrothrough her rehabilitation.
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>> we wanted to help her feel better. >> it is very important. >> the police department is really important to us. >> today officer rigby came here in person to tell them how much she appreciated what they had done. >> i appreciate them taking the time to make me the banner. i will put it up in my office. it was really nice of them to make that for me. >> you know how much people really care about you. >> i did not know until now. >> saying thank you and get well soon to one of baltimore's finest. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> all around the mid atlantic, a scorching hot day today with
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records falling in several locations, including here at baltimore. 103 degrees down around richmond. pittsburgh was at 92 degrees. cooler air is all the way up there in new england. burlington vermont, 81. baltimore had a high of 79. there are the official numbers. that 100 four at the inner harbor is not official. the normal high is 87. the old record of 99 was set back in 1954. not only was this the fifth 100 degrade -- 100-degree day, last year had an all-time record of 74 baltimore. we still have all of august to go. it was the 13th consecutive day temperatures got above 90 and now we are halfway to that record streak that occurred back in the summer of 1995.
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it is not cooling off very quick, still night in downtown baltimore. there is a weak front coming down and out of pennsylvania that triggered severe thunderstorms. tornado warnings are issued in the poconos and catskills. we will see some clouds. it will still be warm and muggy early on but turn less humid in the afternoon as the skies clear. it may feel a little different once this front gets through. back into the night of the tomorrow, and a little bit less humid with the northwest breeze. a good day to be on the bay tomorrow with those water temperatures in the eight of the, hopefully cooling the atmosphere of a little bit. they were about 20 degrees cooler out at deep creek lake today. it is going to be hot around the bay tomorrow, but it will turn less humid as that front fly
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south. there is an isolated chance of a thunderstorm at ocean city, 20% risk on saturday. we are watching this front come in and hopefully break this excessive heat as it moves a little farther south. this is disappointing for the parched areas of west texas. the storm held a lot of promise to bring substantial rain but it completely fell apart as it hit the texas coast tonight. it is not going to bring beneficial rains to the drought- stricken areas of central and west texas. some showers, but just scattered, not what they need as it continues to track into the mountains of mexico. 93 tomorrow, but less humid. 92 on sunday. a chance for a storm late monday. it stays in low 90's through the
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next several days. >> a fast start to training camp for the ravens no. 1 draft pick. you will see why, next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $74 million. let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. 8-22-47-10-48. tonight's megaball number is 35. if no one matches all six numbers, tuesday's jackpot will
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>> in some ways, today serves as something of a model for how the ravens build their team. all eyes are at reagan's camp
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focusing on the number one draft pick, jimmy smith. he reported to practice this afternoon. with no off-season practice is to prepare him for today, smith did not know what to expect at his first nfl practice. while he looked relatively comfortable, smith admits after last night, he did not feel very comfortable getting ready to play. >> i got up about 10:00 last night and ran a couple of miles. after that, the practice came. it was a tough day, but i think i got a lot of work done as far as learning defense. >> typically do not want to run a couple of miles the night before training camp. >> pete gilbert has more on what could turn into one of the more amazing turnaround stories of the season. >> sergio kindle manageress second straight day of football
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practice. after a skull fracture that threaten not only his career but his life, we have to wonder if he might ever play again. sergio did not. >> you get certain answers from doctors when you ask certain questions like that, but they could tell me one thing but i will always feel differently about it. >> sergio kindle wonders what the first real hit will feel .ike >> i can hear things but i cannot make out what is being said most of the time. >> it could tell he wanted to be out here so bad. it is great to see him out here and be able to be in the helmet and jersey trying to help us win some games. >> pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11
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sports. >> the start of nfl's free agency period did not bring the number of deals we expected. the quarterback going to the philadelphia eagles. he slipped in and took the talented corner of the board. he got a by-year, $60 million deal. he will make about $187,000 every quarter of every game. it looks like landry will cash his next paycheck in jacksonville. he has reportedly agreed to deal with the jaguars. he had nine interceptions in his five years with the ravens. -- itiders' head coach remains a force in this league
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but his inability to stay healthy remains a concern around the nfl. it looks like the orioles have made it worth the wait. mark reynolds got them started in the second as he drives one to right center field and into the bullpen. his 22nd home run of this season. losses home run to right field, four rows deep. they are at the top of the ninth and the orioles' lead 4-1 in front of the yankees. stick
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>> do i dare ask for a final ?ook at the weather critic >> it appears you just did. 92 on sunday, and the humidity levels come down. temperatures will stay in the low 90's for most of next week. >> do not feel bad about staying inside. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here
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